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About Wholesale of Asia

Wholesale of Asia works directly with manufacturers and artisans worldwide to produce innovative and fashionable jewelry that adds a freshness to the traditional styles already in the market.

Based in the United States, we work with a variety of small to mid-sized businesses looking to expand their product lines and increase their competitiveness in today's global marketplace. Our customers include small resellers who sell on EBay or in Flea Markets, as well as larger businesses looking to source products of their own design from our manufacturers.

Our focus is currently in wholesaling a diverse collection of jewelry at a low cost and imported directly from our manufacturers to our clients. But as a hybrid direct importer and sourcing company, we also help customers source new products from our manufacturers by handling communication, sample gathering, shipping, and payment.

Our selection is currently focused on Sterling Silver Jewelry and Asian-Styled goods, though we'll soon be expanding into a wider selection of jewelry styles, materials, and supplies. We guarantee products, like our sterling silver sets, are authentic by verifying through frequent lab testing of precious metal content. Our goal is to give our customers an easy way to get real savings that increase their bottom lines with less headaches.

Wholesale of Asia is operated by Florida based Fefa Global Trade LLC, at


Customer Service
By E-mail: Use our contact form, click here


Security and Privacy for your Personal Information and Transactions.

- Personal information and all transactions on our site are protected using a Strong 256-bit Encrypted Secure Socket Layer Protection (SSL) provided by Geotrust which is owned by Versign, the worlds largest provider of security and trust services online. Furthermore, the information we collect about you will not be shared, leased, or sold to other companies. For more information see our privacy policy. You may also pay through Google Checkout or Paypal. Both companies help thousands of customers daily to safely complete their transactions online. Please view their websites to learn about their security and privacy policies.


Ordering and Shipping

Placing Orders

- To give oure customers the ease and convenience of online shopping combined with wholesale buying, we've set up our buying process similar to most online stores. First, create an account here. When you find an item you want, just select "add to cart". You can also select the number of items by entering a number in the box above the add to cart button. In the right hand column you should notice a shopping cart box with all the items you've added. When you're done, go to the shopping cart page by clicking on the shopping cart button on the right hand side of the screen. Make sure you meet minimum order requirments. See below for instructions on how to use the different payment methods we offer;

1) Google Checkout: On the shopping cart page, click the Google Checkout button on the bottom right if you have an account. If you don't have an account, learn more and sign up for free here.
2) Paypal: On the shopping cart page, click the Paypal button on the bottom left if you have an account, learn more and sign up for free here.
3) Credit Card: continue to checkout and fill out your credit card and billing information, all information you enter on our site is encrypted using strong 256-bit Secure Socket Layer Protection provided by Geotrust. To learn more about security and privacy on our site, click here.
* All the above methods provide highly secured mthods to complete your transaction online. Click here to learn more about how we handle your security and privacy.


Payment Methods Explained

- We accept the four major credit cards wholesale jewelry via credit cards. In addition, we also accept two of the most popular third party checkout options on the internet; Google Checkout and Paypal.

1) Google Checkout: Google Checkout is easy to set up and only requires a credit card. Once you have your account created, you can use it at hundreds of other major retailing sites such as Toys R Us,, and Zales. Click here to sign up here.
2) Paypal: The most common checkout method used on Ebay, it's quick and easy to set up and also used by countless ratilers online. Sign up here.
3) Credit Card: We accept credit cards for wholesale purchases to give our customers the ease and convenience of online shopping while buying products for their business. This is a great oppurtunity for resellers to get added perks and savings by using business credit cards to help get cash back bonuses as well as free airlie miles. Payments are made through our 256-bit SSL encrypted checkout pages, and your information will be kept private. To learn more about our privacy policy, click here.


Minimum Order

- $100 USD minimum order to checkout, except for special order products which will have different minimum ordering requirements stated in their lsiting (also see below).

- The only exceptions are for pieces by JHTJ silver and our Bulk Order category. Purchase of any JHTJ pieces requires a minimum purchase of $500, with a minimum quantity of 3 pieces for each style purchased; JHTJ silver items will be indicated as such in their descriptions. Products in our bulk order category include items that we may currently have in stock as well as items that may be discontinued by the manufacturer, therefore you must contact for pricing and purchasing information for these products.


Payment methods for customers outside the U.S.
U.S. Customers

- We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.
- Paypal (We only ship to confirmed addresses)
- Google Checkout

Customers outside the U.S

- We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
- Paypal (We only ship to confirmed addresses)

- Google Checkout

If you have either a Google Checkout or Paypal account, both can be accessed right away from the shopping cart page without creating an account on our site. To learn more about how to checkout with these payment options, click here. To learn more about security and privacy on our site, click here.



- Once we receive your order, your items will usually be shipped out within 2-4 business days. We will contact you if items are out of stock or need to be back-ordered.

- Most orders will be shipped using Express Mail Service (EMS) from our distribution center in Asia unless otherwise specified. EMS shipping includes online tracking and usually arrives in 3-7 business days after delivery (does not include holidays or weekends), and 7-10 business days for orders outside the U.S. Please note that shipping times mentioned are estimates only and can vary due to many factors such as your location and time needed to clear your country's customs. Delivery time will also be dependent on how quickly your country's customs department clears the package. If you are trying to get the order by a certain deadline, please plan accordingly.

- A Signature will be required upon delivery.

- Countries we ship to: Our primary market is in the U.S., however we ship to a variety of countries; including Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Singapore, and many others. If we encounter issues with shipping a package to your country, we will contact you immediately.

- Shipping Prices listed below (these are also the prices for shipment to countries other than the U.S.). If any adjustments need to be made to the shipping price due to special circumstances or requirements, you will be notified prior to shipment. Please note: customs duties will vary depending on the country of import, buyers should look up information on any customs duties they may owe on their government's customs website.

Order total in U.S Dollars (does not include shipping & handling)
Shipping Cost: in US Dollars
Up to $499
$15.95 Shipping and Handling
from $500 - $999 $20.95 Shipping and Handling
from $1000 + $25.95 Shipping and Handling


Taxes and other charges

- We do not collect sales tax except for orders shipped to Florida addresses. Our Florida customers must first fax us a copy of their Annual Resale Certificate before they place an order, or pay standard Florida sales tax on the order total.


What if i want to return something?

- We accept returns and exchanges. Just contact us within 14 days of receiving your order for a Return Authorization #. Returns will not be processed unless you contact us first before shipping the items back.

-For U.S customers, returns will be processed at our U.S based main office.

- If the items are returned in the condition they were received, we will give you a refund on the cost of items. Unless the return is due to a manufacturers defect or a mistake on our part, we cannot refund shipping and handling or the cost of return shipping.


About our Products

Sterling Silver Jewelry

- Our sterling silver jewelry pieces have at minimum a silver content of 92.5% with some pieces containing more. Our lines are designed and crafted in different regions of Asia including Thailand and China. We perform frequent lab testing on pieces we import to confirm authentitcy content. Note that certain areas on these pieces that are frequently subject to scrapping, rubbing, or stress, are usually made of stainless steel instead of silver. For example, many of the clasps and pendant bails are made of stainless steel. This design is more durable against wear and corrosion when compared to sterling silver which is softer and tarnishes more easily. Certain pieces that involve very fragile designs may also incorporate a small amount of steel with the silver to help overall durability.


Gemstones, Jade, Pearl, and other materials

- Many of our jewelry pieces are decorated with precious gemstones and exotic materials like Jade, Turquoise, Coral, as well as synthetic materials like cubic zirconia. Our precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, garnet, amethyst, and topaz, include varied apperances that range from a more natural finish to very bright and glimmering. Nearly all gemstones on the market currently have some sort of treatment to "spruce" up the apperance. The most common method is heat treatment to remove inclusions. Non-treated stones tend to have a more natural hazy appearance. Our lines have a varied level of treatment, with some possessing a more natural look and others being more sparkly.

- We also have lines of jade and pearl jewelry, both types are common to many collections in Asia. Our cultured freshwater pearls are mainly produced in China, which is currently one of the largest sources of freshwater pearls in the world and the primary site of Akoya pearl production (after which they are shipped to Japan and packaged with their domestically produced Akoya pearls). Our Jade lines contain a range of green hues from pale to very dark, and are primarily featured on unique Asian styled jewelry pieces.


Liuli Crystal Glass Jewelry

- In the world of Art and High Fashion, an ancient tradition is becoming a new vogue. Originally unknown outside of Asia, Liuli glass artwork and jewelry is seeing a surge in popularity not only in Asia, but also Europe and North America. While “Liuli or ”琉璃” is literally the ancient Chinese word for Glass, it is used in modern times to refer to multi-hued crystal glass created by hand using an ancient glass casting technique. Learn more about Liuli Crystal Glass in our Knowledge Center.

- Please note: Liuli crystal glass, like many crystal glass items such as swarovski and wine glasses, contains lead and is therefore not for use for children under 12.


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