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Getting started in any business, whether wholesale, retail, import export, takes knowledge and know how. When I first started, I scoured the internet, bought book after book, and picked the brains of friends and family who ran businesses, spending hours in an ongoing effort to learn. Since then, I've met many entrepreneurs and start-ups who, like me, are always learning about a wide variety of business topics. So we've decided to collect much of that valuable business information here for our customers and anyone else who may benefit. Whether you're a start-up or seasoned business person, I hope you find the information below helpful. - Lee

Jewelry Knowledge Guides

Liuli Glass Artwork and Jewelry Overview - Overview of Creation and History of this Ancient Art.

Overview of Sterling Silver Jewelry - Overview from origins to general care, know the important basics.

Pricing Sterling Silver Jewelry - Learn the costs of making Sterling Silver, so you won't get ripped off.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care: Part 1 - Cleaning your Sterling Silver Jewelry to keep it Bright and Shiny.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care: Part 2 - Storing the Sterling Silver Jewelry you won't be wearing to prevent tarnish.

Asian Gifts and Specialities

Decorative Chinese Knots Origin and History - Overview of how Decorative Knots evolved into the popular art form it is today.

Wholesale Jewelry Knowledge Guides

Find Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers using Search Engines

Using directories to find and evaluate sources of wholesale jewelry

How to Find the Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers using Online Forums

Using Local Contacts and Tradeshows to find Import and Wholesale Jewelry Sources

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