Locating Wholesale Jewelry Sources with Directories

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The internet can give access to vast volumes of businesses knowledge and insight to the new entrepreneur using a few simple mouse clicks. But for those looking for jewelry manufacturers, importers and bulk wholesalers, the multitude of sources is both a blessing and a curse. Evaluating which sources are the best fit for your businesses means time, and ultimately money. One of the more common resources you’ll come across is wholesale jewelry directories and lists. Here I discuss how they can help and hinder your search for the best bulk wholesale jewelry suppliers.

Types of Directories and Lists

If you search for “directory” in Google, you’ll see that directories have sprung up for a wide range of services and products, especially for wholesale bulk distribution companies. Directories are often a mixed blessing when it comes to finding quality sources of wholesale and import jewelry. While they compile a large number of sites all in one place and easy to view, judging the quality of these sites is that much harder since anyone can submit to the directory either for free or by paying for the listing. The fees businesses might pay to get listed in a directory can range from as low as $20 to upwards of $600 a year. While this could be a sign that the businesses listed are established enough to afford such fees every year, they could also be scammers cheaply buying credibility. Thus, you should consider directories one of the first steps toward collecting information on sources. Use them to gather a list, and then begin the process of evaluating and narrowing that list till you have your best suppliers.

Are Paid Directories and Lists Worth It?

Another important thing to consider is whether directories that require a fee are higher in quality than free directories. While many “paid” directories and lists claim to verify and vouch for the quality of their wholesale suppliers, this is often an exceedingly difficult task for them; at worst, lackluster sources and scammers may still get through and seem credible because they are still listed. At best, you find established and reliable sources that you can immediately start to purchase from. Either way, a smart business person will end up double checking these sources for quality and reliability, which is what the directories are originally being paid to do. Thus, experienced traders often avoid paid directories and lists, partly because such directories may have unreliable sources, but also because they can find and do the research on these suppliers themselves using free resources, making the extra fee seem an unnecessary expense.

Ultimately, import and wholesale jewelry suppliers found in these directories and lists should be considered with sources you find through other online means, such as forums and search engine results. By comparing the information you find from these methods, you will determine which wholesale jewelry supplier is best for your business.

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