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Using search engines like Google and Yahoo have become second nature given their ability to give us thousands of shopping choices from countless merchants is a convenience never before experienced. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, search engines are usually their first step towards finding the right products at the right price. People getting into jewelry retail have a plethora of wholesale and import jewelry suppliers to choose from. This article focuses on how to find wholesale and import jewelry suppliers using search engines.

Which Search Engines to Use

Start your search with Google, as it will bring back the most results to get you started, followed by yahoo which will also bring back a large selection for you to look through. You should find enough leads using just these two search engines; you can try the smaller search engines, such as MSN, Ask, and AOL, if you still haven’t gathered enough wholesale jewelry suppliers to sort through.

How to Search and Get the Best Results

While typing “wholesale jewelry” may be the most obvious way to begin your search, these two terms pull up between 3-4 million hits in Google and will likely have you spending hours going through and evaluating sources that don’t meet your needs. You can save yourself time by being more specific and searching for the certain types of jewelry you’re looking for. So instead of just “wholesale jewelry” you could go with “wholesale sterling silver jewelry” if you are interested in sterling silver, or “wholesale pearl jewelry” if you’re interested in pearl, or "wholesale body jewelry" and so on. This tactic gives you a much higher chance of finding wholesale jewelry suppliers that specialize in the particular type of jewelry you’re looking for, and chances are they will have a wider selection at a lower cost than a general wholesale jewelry supplier that carries all types.

Each search you initate will bring back two sets of results usually, those of the “organic” results that include everything the search engine thought was relevant to your search, and the “sponsored” results that are comprised of ads paid for by the listed business. Copy down the names of wholesale jewelry suppliers listed in both sections. While the organic results are often considered more relevant to your search, so much so that people often ignore paid listings all together, paid listings still provide a quick and easily view list of wholesale jewelry suppliers for you to evaluate. Sponsored ads are a double edged sword however, since they could be a sign that the business is stable enough to direct income toward pay per click advertising, or they could be a terrible supplier that’s using the easiest and quickest way to market directly on the internet.

After gathering the results, the next critical step is evaluating your list of supplier and narrowing it down to your best possible sources.

If you feel you don't have enough sources, you can browse directories to find more wholesale jewelry suppliers.

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