Wholesale Jewelry Research - Using Tradeshows & Local Retailers

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With the convenience of the internet today, most people use it first when they need to find something; including entrepreneurs and businesses looking for import and bulk wholesale jewelry. However, searching online for quality wholesale suppliers can be a difficult task when one considers the sheer volume of information that must be sorted through. And while purchasing products online has been proven to be both convenient and safe as shown by the countless transactions successfully completed daily, some businesses may still be wary especially when placing first time orders with businesses they donít know. Therefore, in this article I focus on how to find import and wholesale jewelry suppliers through offline resources.

Look Locally to your Fellow Businesses for Supplier Leads

Despite the convenience of the internet, some businesses may feel more comfortable dealing with people whose hands they can shake, so looking to other businesses in your local area is a logical first step. Either using a search engine or your phone book (if you plan to stay completely offline in your hunt), look up jewelry importers and bulk wholesalers in your area. Also contact your local chamber of commerce to see if they have lists of local import and wholesale jewelry suppliers.

If you plan to sell online or anywhere else besides your local area, consider contacting brick and mortar based retail locations for their suppliers or even asking sellers based at your local flea markets. This strategy may not yield great results however; as it would be dependent on whether you can convince those retailers that you will not be their competition.

If youíre just starting out or wish to purchase a few pieces at a time to see how they sell, joining a discount club, such as your local Costco or Samís Club, will give you access to a wide selection of affordable pieces. While their prices wonít be nearly as good as true wholesale or import prices and your profit margins will be low, youíll gain valuable experience for when you move onto real import and wholesale suppliers.

Visiting Trade Shows to Find Qualified Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

If youíre serious about starting a business in jewelry, a worthwhile option would be visiting wholesale, import, and jewelry tradeshows. In the U.S, numerous trade shows are held year round where you can find and compare many wholesale jewelry suppliers all at once. Before attending such trade shows, itís advisable to get business cards printed up and ready to hand out, since exchanging contact information is critical to your business.

After compiling a list of potential wholesale jewelry suppliers, your next step would be to evaluate and narrow your sources to find which suppliers best fit your business.

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