Top Wholesale Jewelry Buys for the 2008 Holidays

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With the holidays just around the corner, retailers are stocking up on holiday inventorys for the big holiday rush. Yahoo shopping has put up a top ten list of great gift jewelry for the coming holidays (see end of guide) which includes such items as Pearl Jewelry, unique cuffs and bangles, as well as Letter pendants. We'll be examining some of these hot additions you can make to your inventory, but we'll also consider the larger environment that jewelry sellers should think about, like how the economy and the seasonal changes in weather may affect what your customers will buy.

Diamond Earrings and Rings
Diamond jewelry has always been stylish given its classical and timeless presence in jewelry collections. However, due to the receding economy here in the U.S., many people are going to be cutting back on none essential spending to pay skyrocketing food and gas prices. At the same time, people still like to purchase jewelry, either for themselevs or as gifts, thus we've noted an increase in the sale of cubic zirconia and other less expensive precious stones such as amethyst, blue topaz, and sapphires. These beautiful alternatives come at a fraction of the cost of diamonds, making them a strong incentive for increasingly frugal customers. Click images to view some great ring and earring selections below:

sapphire earring holiday ruby sterling silver ring for holidays

Pearl Jewelry
Yet another classical jewelry piece that somehow manages to stay in fashion, Pearl jewelry will be another great addition this fall. Part of the reason pearl is such a hot buy is due to the forward progression of designs, usually of the metal that wraps the pearl, thus allowing pearl jewelry to keep up with the changing times. Rather than just adding strands of pearls, sales of unique and modern designed pearl pieces are seeing increased sales as well. Cultured Pearls specifically are an excellent addition to your inventory since carrying Cultured Pearls gives sellers an advantage over retailers selling imitation pearls, yet they can still be sold at a competitvely low price point. Click the following images to view unique designs using pearl:

baroque pearl sterling silver pendant roung pearl sterling silver ring

Letter Initial Pendants
Jewelry is often an expression of self, thus jewelry that is customizable and that is unique will appeal to that buyer looking to express themseleves. Initial pendants serve this role since the wearer often gets to show off some meaning with them, be they the initals to their name, or something more.

sterling silver initial letter pendants sterling silver initial letter pendants

Cocktail Rings
Big flashy cocktail rings have been a hot item all year now, and it looks like they will maintain a strong showing throughout the end of the year, especially when the holidays come around. The strong demand for this type of ring has been consistent with a trend this year toward the bigger and flasier jewelry styles.

sterling silver ruby cocktail ring sterling silver natural crystal cocktail ring

Hoop Earrings
This is a classical design that is often a safe bet since they go well with most outfits. However, a wide variation of designs is available, such as large hoops and small huggy hoops, so depending on the design you may attract customers looking for different things. Since hoops often feature less embellishments compared to more complicated designs, their lower prices points will be a weclome relief to cash strapped consumers.

sterling silver hoop earring sterling silver hoop earring

Bangle and Cuff Bracelets
Bangle and Cuff jewelry have had a strong prescence all year, complementing the trend of clunky and ethnic styled jewelry. We suspect their popularity will carry over to next year, however, they may be worn less than other pieces during the fall and winter months as the weather becomes cooler. Instead, they will likely see most of their wear during indoor events and next year when the weather begins to heat up again. However, we should see strong sales of these lines into the end of the year.

sterling silver hoop earring sterling silver hoop earring

View the yahoo article to see the other top ten jewelry gift ideas

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